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My creative connection from across the pond

My adorable friend from Cowshed Creations is a fabulous pyrography pen artist. She creates beautiful nature themed artwork burnt into wood. I can tell you from experience that mastering these pens is not easy. I use a pyrography pen for all the leather details within my sculptures, which is a soft surface. Burning into wood is another story and she does such a beautiful job!  So I sent her my St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Puppet design and just look at her creation! She even got all the details of the gears and feather! WOW! My art and creative world has brought me the most incredible connections with beautiful talented people and Cowshed is one of them! Enter her creative world here and see for yourself! Here's your FREE Leprechaun download if you'd like to make a Puppet of your own! Enjoy! (personal use only - all rights reserved - Robin Davis Studio, Inc. Thank you)

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