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Robin Davis Studio at the 2017 Art in the Park

My vintage suitcases are all packed with NEW Robot Sculptures, Steampunk Birds and Owls plus a few more characters to showcase at this years 2017 Art in the Park, Oakville, Ontario - Canada.  Each piece is made from Vintage Tins, typeset blocks, leather, retro metals, keys, gears and many more retro styled elements!  A bird sculpture this year is my Raven named Nevermore.  More one of a kind mini bots will also be on display. Ready to make you smile and giggle! Plus a few NEW sculpted steampunk baby owls. I really enjoyed creating these adorable owls.  I use my pyrographic pen to burn feather details into the leather. After Art in the Park, I will be busy preparing for my first debut at Toronto's One of a Kind show this Christmas opening Nov 23rd to Dec 3rd - 2017.

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