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Robots with Affirmation

We all need positive affirmations, especially our kids! For years I've tried different ways to combat all the negative thoughts & doubt that seem to flow in & out of this creative brain of mine. Being creative can be a blessing & a curse because my brain is so visual in its interpretations - so for me, I need visual affirmations! A way to remind myself that I am going to be awesomely OK!  I create my robot prints to reflect these affirmations by adding plenty of words of encouragement for kids & the big kid in all of us!  I have little signs of affirmation placed around my studio and home, even in the bathroom!  We are who we CHOOSE to be and in this world full of mixed messages, negative images and energy, I choose to stay positive. Yes, it can be hard work everyday, but with the right steps and surroundings, I choose to see the love and kindness in my world. I choose! This vintage robot blueprint set includes descriptive words I say to myself! They are now available …

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