Saturday, September 25, 2010

Monsters all around!

Here's a little snap shot of my Monster designs that are propped in the studio.
I made the little paper mache monsters last year and the mini paintings on easels are gifts from my son.
I fill my studio with things that make me smile. Items that inspire me!
There are also samples of my products everywhere, some that did well and some that didn't...but I love them all!! They were all labours of love!! Every project is a learning
experience a way to grow and blossom as an artist! Some of my best designs have come from mistakes I made in other paintings!! I'm never afraid to make those mistakes or take a few risks.
A true artist will never follow the same path....explore the creative heart that lies within!!

A fun Saturday!

Connor and I took a drive out to a local shop and farm today. We bought some yummy
Cortland fav and then walked through an area outside where all the animals are.
We had so much fun!
Hmmm, inspiration for my artwork and designs are in my everyday life.
Paint what you love, and love what you paint!!
My heart is full! I have a wonderful family, amazing friends and a good life!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

2010 designs with Blossom Bucket

Here are a few of my resin pumpkin figures with Blossom Bucket.
My family loves Halloween! We love decorating the house and making
plans for our pumpkin carving evening!
I'm working on 2011 Halloween/Fall designs in the studio this week!
I love it!
Keep smiling, Robin

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Monster Art Prints

Visit my Zazzle Shop!

Well I have joined the Zazzle world and set up a shop just for my Little Monsters. Yes, finally a place where fans of the Monsters can purchase products. Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful emails requesting more from The Little Monster Series! I will continue to add more images each day. There are so many product styles to choose from on Zazzle. It really is fun!
If you have any specific requests, let me know and I can add them to the shop!
Stay tuned for more Monster product announcments coming soon!!
Click here to view Robin Davis Studio on Zazzle!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to School!!

Well back to school today! The start of Grade 5! Connor was thrilled to see all his friends again!
His long hair was sure a topic of conversation, LOL!
I always have mixed feelings on this day. I come home and sit in the studio, only to miss the sounds of the the kids playing. I miss having my son running around the house and asking what's for lunch!
I'll be fine after today! Our regular routine will begin. But they are only young once and the truth is, the time flies!! I know the day is coming when he will stop holding my hand and roll his eyes if I kiss him in front of his friends, but until then..... I will enjoy every minute of it!!!