My Creative Co-op samples arrived!!

Yesterday my Creative Co-op samples arrived!! I was so excited!! They chose my "Ocean Series" and "A Mother's Heart Collection" to create wonderful products like the canvas wall art, fabric journals, glass magnets and the beautiful glass bowl with stand! If you are interested in purchasing any of these items you can contact Creative Co-op to find a retailer near you! These collections come straight from my heart and I couldn't be more thrilled with the quality of products that Creative Co-op produces!

When I created this piece called "Imprint on my heart" I was trying to convey how we all feel when we have a child. How our children leave imprints on our hearts forever. Last week I watched the story of a beautiful couple named Carolyn and Sean Savage. They have a heart wrenching story about a child they conceived through invetro fertilization. Their courage and journey moved me to tears. Carolyn made a comment on one of the show about how this beautiful child left an imprint on her heart forever! This immediately prompted me to send them an email so I could send them my Imprint on my heart print! You must read their story will stay with you forever! Sending you all "light and love"....Robin ox

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