Keep moving forward!!!

Hello friends, who knew I could get so excited about colorful sticky notes and getting organized! LOL
My friend Paula sent me a link a week ago and said "we have to join this summit" so I clicked on the link and we both started The Right Brainers Business Video Summit. Honestly, I REALLY needed this! Not just because it's February, and believe me I struggle in the month of February....I want the snow to go and the birds to come and SPRING to just arrive! But I needed this because, I was needing CLARITY in my business and the direction I am flowing in!
This summit is providing that to me. I am making  a new STUDIO SCHEDULE, a PROJECT list, future GOALS and finding a better relationship with money! I didn't know I needed to create a relationship with money, but clearly I need one! I was looking at it all wrong!
So THANK YOU Jennifer Lee and your amazing your fabulous coaches for all your support and information! This summit is truly a gift and blessing that my business & my soul - spirit needed!
Now if you'll excuse me.....I want to get back to creating my colorful business plan, schedule and budget! Really?...did I just say I wanted to work on my budget....YeeOWZAAAA!!

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