Sunday, June 14, 2015


Robot necklaces by Robin Davis Studio

Robot necklaces by Robin Davis Studio

Antique bronze necklaces by Robin Davis StudioRobot necklaces by Robin Davis StudioRobin Davis Studio
A friend suggested I start making necklaces with my Robot and Character art, so I decided to give it a try. It actually takes me 3 days from start to finish to create one necklace. First I print a sheet of small 1 x 2 inch pieces of my art. I then seal the art under a piece of glass. Letting it dry over night. The next day I sand the edges of the glass and add a sealant to the base tray which is Antique Bronze. Another coat of sealant is added to the back of the glass pendant, again waiting for it to cure over night. Once these layers are fully dry, I can adhere the glass pendant to the tray. While I wait for that to dry, I create a special packaging to accompany the necklace. Each one is mounted on a kraft board that I designed and attached art to. For the finishing touch, I created a special tag for gift giving.
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Cheers Robin

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Gardening with Antiques

Robin Davis Studio
We have been busy working on the front garden. Hubby wired some new lighting for me, using  some old tin lanterns we had....I just love them! I'm not exactly your typical gardener. I like to make displays and use interesting things like our old 1950's TV, the old Radio Flyer wagon and a vintage bike we found from the U.K that I really treasure! I also like to keep the flowers and greenery in pots so I can move things around through out the season. Changing the look as the summer progresses.
Now if I could only enjoy watering as much as I enjoy creating the garden, LOL!
Happy Gardening Everyone!